South Africa will not be left behind in the global celebrations of the World Telecommunication and Information Society (WTIS) Day 2022, scheduled to take place on Tuesday, 17 May 2022. That is thanks in no small part to Tech-Talk, who will be hosting a virtual conference on the inaugural South African chapter of the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day.The aim is to help raise awareness of the possibilities that the use of the internet and other information and communication technologies (ICT) can bring to societies and economies

.Themed ICT4Change, the conference seeks to bring together industry thought leaders on this world significant day to share their insights on how the best information and communication technologies can be used to bring about change in the country and beyond.

The event will be delivered live with the assistance of video streaming technology to allow delegates and speakers to participate and interact wherever they may be. The target audience for the event will be mostly ICT industry stakeholders, and professionals from the private and public sectors.

The conference will amongst other telecommunication subjects cover: Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The increasing ability of machines to learn and act intelligently will transform our world. The Internet of Things (IoT). The ever-growing number of “smart” devices and objects that are connected to the internet. Such devices are constantly gathering and transmitting data, further fueling the growth in Big Data and AI.

Cloud and edge computing. Cloud computing where data is stored on other computers and accessed via the internet has helped to open up data and analytics to the masses. Edge computing where data is processed on smart devices (like phones) will take this to the next level.5G.

The fifth generation of cellular network technology will give us faster, smarter, more stable wireless networking, thereby driving advances in many other trends (e.g., more connected devices and richer streams of data). Steps for managing and surviving in virtual teams.Digital platforms. Facebook, Uber, and Airbnb are all household-name examples of digital platforms – networks that facilitate connections and exchanges between people.

This trend is turning established business models on their heads, leading many traditional businesses to transition to or incorporate a platform-based model.ICT in education is the mode of education that uses information and communications technology to support, enhance, and optimise the delivery of information. Worldwide research has shown that ICT can lead to improved student learning and better teaching methods.

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