WhatsApp is developing a new auto-mute feature for large groups and has added the ability to create and use avatars in the beta version of its Android app.

WABetaInfo previewed the automatic muting feature for large groups in a report on Friday.

A screenshot showing the feature reveals that WhatsApp will automatically mute groups with more than 256 participants and present a prompt within the group to notify them of the action.

Users will then be able to choose whether to unmute the group or accept the setting as is.

The screenshot below from WABetaInfo shows what the prompt looks like in the preview.

The feature is likely the result of WhatsApp realising the sheer number of notifications from larger groups could become a big annoyance for some users.

Earlier this year, it increased the maximum number of members that can be added to a group from 256 to 512.

Around two weeks ago, the platform again doubled that number on the beta versions of its Android and iOS app to 1,024.

The large group sizes will allow WhatsApp to better contend with rival platforms like Telegram regarding community or event chats.

In addition to the new group chat capabilities, WhatsApp has rolled out an avatar feature to certain users of its Android app.

These users will see the feature available under their WhatsApp settings page.

Once created, they can send stickers to their contacts featuring their avatar with various emotions or performing certain actions, similar to Snapchat. Users can also set the avatar as a profile picture.

The screenshot below shows what the avatar creation process and stickers look like in the beta.