The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has advised Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college students to contact the colleges where they wrote their exams regarding their certificates and diplomas.

Higher Education and Training Minister, Dr Blade Nzimande, said the certificates for students are released to colleges within 90 days after the release of results for students who meet certification requirements.

“Students who write examinations over multiple examinations to qualify for certification are expected to apply for the combination of their results at the last examination centre where they wrote their examination.  The centre will in return submit the application to the DHET for further processing.

“Students may also submit their enquiries on the eGOV portal,, which is monitored by a dedicated team at the DHET.  

“We, however, advise that all enquiries be lodged first with their college of registration before considering any escalations to the DHET, since feedback is always communicated to the college and not individual students,” Nzimande explained. 

Almost 100% certificates released 

The Minister said that 99.94% of certificates for the previous certification backlog (historical records) have been released to colleges for qualifying students after results combinations were processed.

The Minister said the department discourages colleges from withholding student certificates due to outstanding fees.

“Colleges must find workable solution to recover the outstanding fees,” Nzimande said.

Umalusi approves release of over 39 000 candidates’ results 

Nzimande also announced that Umalusi Council has approved the results and released the approval letter to the Department of Higher Education and Training.

This follows a meeting held by Umalusi Assessment Standards Committee (ASC) and the department on 5 September 2022 to finalise proposals to normalise the performance of candidates in four subjects, including Maths N3, Engineering Science N3, Fitting and Machining N2 and Electro-technology N3.

Nzimande said the approval letter recommended the release of 39 777 candidates’ results and the nullification of the results of 2 028 candidates, who were implicated in examination irregularities.

“The results of 39 777 candidates were processed for release by DHET on 9 September 2022. Therefore, the results of 2 028 candidates implicated in these serious irregularities remain blocked,” Nzimande explained.

He said the report was provided to the National Irregularities and Assessment Committee (NEIC), which is empowered by the National Policy Pertaining to the Conduct, Administration and Management of Examinations of Colleges as amended, registered and reported in terms of the Continuing Education and Training Act of 2006 to execute the appropriate sanctions.

“The results remain nullified, as recommended by the Umalusi Council and concurred with by the National Irregularities and Assessment Committee. 

“Accordingly, the implicated students will be allowed to register to write the end of the year examinations and if implicated again, they will be suspended for a period of three years from participating in future examinations,” Nzimande said.

The DHET condemned students who engage in irregularities, which has the effect of undermining the credibility and integrity of examinations.