Cost saving has been on everyone’s minds recently. Rising inflation and increasing fuel costs have put strain on consumers worldwide, prompting people to reconsider their spending and find areas to save. Utilities is often a big expense to a household especially when you consider the high cost of electricity.

And, while most homeowners have made investments into their home especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we could all use a little help to find areas where we can save even more. 

Diagnosing problems when they happen

When a home appliance experiences a fault that impacts its energy use, chances are you probably won’t notice for a while. It may seem to be functioning optimally, but are quietly putting strain on your consumption until it’s too late and you’re left stuck with a huge electricity bill.

Self-diagnostic systems are an innovative way for appliances to identify and alert people to problems not long after they manifest. Systems like Smart Diagnosis™, available on the LG ThinQ App, lets you communicate with your connected appliances and with the help of the LG Customer Service Helpline to troubleshoot issues and provide instant solutions.

Choosing the right technology

Inverters have come a long way in helping home appliances reduce their energy consumption. They play a vital role in regulating an appliance’s usage and, thanks to modern-day build and material quality, are built to last for years.

Inverters can be found across the entire range of LG Home Appliances. It includes Inverter Direct Drive that is found on the LG QuadWash™ Steam Dishwasher and LG Vivace AI DD Front Load washer. Inverter Direct Drive Motor increases energy efficiency, using fewer moving parts and even maintaining water circulation and speed to ensure consistent wash performance. Meanwhile, the LG NeoChef Convection with Smart Inverter ensures consistent energy usage when heating and cooking meals evenly making for healthy eating and living.

Keeping it smart and sustainable

Efficiency isn’t just about how much energy we consume. It can also be about how we live our lives and how we create routines around everyday activities. Sustainability is the name of the game and everything we do matters.

Smart home appliances take efficiency to the next level through dedicated function and monitoring apps. In this case, LG’s ThinQ leads the way and gives appliance owners the power to schedule and control cycles on their washing machines and dishwashers, while keeping track of their usage patterns and activating power-saving modes when they’re not in use. ThinQ also provides users with helpful tips and keeps you up to date on product statuses, letting appliances lead a sustainable and efficient life.

These technologies are what’s defining the home appliance of the future. By looking out for these smart products and solutions, you can make the right decision to upgrade your home and living experience for you and your family.