Telkom has launched two new mobile plans it hopes will energise interest among consumers.

One of the post-paid plans, Telkom Infinite — which is available month-to-month as a Sim-only deal or over 24 or 36 months with a smartphone — offers unlimited data from R299/month.

Telkom Infinite comes in two flavours:

  • A standard Infinite plans provides unlimited data, including 15GB at the fastest available speeds, for R299/month. After the 15GB threshold is reached, customers are moved to a slower speed that’s still fast enough for standard-definition video and for “surfing, streaming, messaging, chatting on social media, e-mailing, calling and more”. Speeds are reset to the maximum available at the beginning of the next month.
  • A second plan, called Infinite Max, offers 30GB of data at the fastest available speed for R399/month, before the speed is reduced for the remainder of the month.

There is one big catch with the new plan: the Infinite Sim card can only be used in a smartphone for personal use and cannot be used in wireless routers, including portable routers.

The Infinite deal also includes 300 minutes of calls to all South African networks. There are also a generous 6 000 on-network minutes bundled with it.

The second new post-paid offering is FlexOn, which offers 2GB and 6GB data for R99 and R199/month, respectively. The data carries over for two calendar months. Data transfers to any other Telkom numbers are possible on this plan.

At its annual results presentation last week, Telkom revealed that it grew subscribers by 10.5% to 16.9 million at the end of March 2022, helping solidify its position as the number-three player in the market behind Vodacom and MTN and ahead of fourth-placed Cell C. However, mobile revenue growth was just 6.3%, a figure Telkom warned it expects to moderate further, with future growth “in line” with its industry peers.