By: The Top Runner – Thathe Msimango

Anaso Jobodwana was left fuming at the Athletics Gauteng North (AGN) meeting on Saturday in Pretoria.

But the South African sprinter is still hoping to qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

The 200m race ended in drama for Jobodwana, who got into a melee with the technical officials.

This was after the 2015 World Championship 200m bronze medalist thought he had clocked 20:36, as indicated by the clock. But his time was revised to 20:64, a result which left hot under the collar.

“There was no way that I clocked 20:64,” said Jobodwana after the race.

“The clock stopped at 20:36 then later they called to inform me that the time had been revised. They tried to explain but you could see that they couldn’t come up with a solid explanation.”

But the US-based Eastern Cape-born speedster is not worried as he is quite confident of earning a ticket to Tokyo.

He is targeting one of two league meetings in Germany later this month for qualification standard.

“I have been here before. So, I’m not worried at all,” he said.
“Going to the London Olympics I qualified on the very last month before the window closed. I’m relaxed. But I can assure you that I will hit the mark to be on the plane to Tokyo. I can feel myself plus I would get enough competition there in Germany in those two meetings.”

He says he saw the progress from that run and believes starting the season late affected him badly. “But I’m happy with the way I ran. That was a fast race and I know when I have run fast. I can see the progress in me now and I feel positive again. To start a season late did cost me but I’m coming slowly to my shape again,” he said.

With the Olympic qualification window closing on June 29, the 28-year-old still has another opportunity in Germany where he has two meetings on the 19th and the 29th of this month.

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