Kaizer Chiefs will not sign any new players at least until July 2021.

This is after their appeal against a Fifa transfer ban was dismissed by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

The decision, which upheld a ruling of the Fifa Dispute and Resolution Chamber, comes as a huge blow for the club battling to recover lost glory.

CAS said in a media statement: “The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has issued its decision in the appeal filed by the Malagasy player Andriamirado Aro Hasina Andrianamimanana (the Player) and the South African club Kaizer Chiefs FC (collectively‚ the Appellants)‚ against the decision rendered by the Fifa Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC) on 5 December 2019 (the Challenged Decision).

“In such decision‚ the Fifa DRC noted that the Player and Kaizer Chiefs entered into a new contract when the Player was still under contract with Fosa Juniors FC/Madagascar.

“Given these circumstances‚ the Fifa DRC concluded that the Player unilaterally terminated the Employment Contract with Fosa Juniors FC without just cause.

“As a consequence, the Player was ordered‚ together with Kaizer Chiefs FC‚ to jointly and severally pay compensation of … US$40‚000 … to Fosa Juniors FC.

“In addition, four months of ineligibility was imposed on the Player‚ and Kaizer Chiefs FC was banned from registering any new players either nationally or internationally for two entire and consecutive registration periods.

“The CAS Panel in charge of this matter has dismissed the appeal and confirmed the Challenged Decision in its entirety.”

Problems started when Amakhosi signed Andriamirado “Dax” Andrianamimanana while he was still contracted to Madagascar club Fosa Juniors two years ago.

Fosa Juniors then claimed that ‘Dax’ signed a contract on 1 November 2016, “valid from date of signature until 31 October 2020”.

The club further claimed that on 7 June 2018 Chiefs and ‘Dax’ agreed on a pre-contract for the player to join the club “for two years plus one year in the option”, valid from the following season starting 1 July 2018.

On 15 and 29 June 2018, Fosa contacted Kaizer Chiefs via email, informing them that they were aware of their interest in Dax, but that Chiefs should contact Fosa directly since the player was under a professional contract.

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