As the Springboks celebrate a year anniversary of their World Cup glory yesterday, fans can look forward to the bumper year ahead.

The Boks haven’t been on the field since they trounced England in the 2019 World Cup final at the Yokohama International Stadium in Japan.

Although they were unable to play any Test match this year, they still look back with pride at the achievement, and further ahead with great optimism.

SA Rugby president Mr Mark Alexander has promised South Africans a bumper 2021 rugby year.

“That magnificent victory once more showed that sport can be a great tool for social cohesion in our country,” said Mr Alexander.

“The past year was difficult because of the pandemic, but next year we are in for a bumper rugby year when the Boks will play against the best of the UK and Ireland.

“I have no doubt they will continue to make this nation very proud with their performances on the field.”

Former Boks coach Rassie Erasmus is still amazed at the huge impact the victory had on all South Africans.

“It was a full-on team effort, from players to coaches and management staff – they all worked incredibly hard and made many sacrifices to make that success a reality,” said Erasmus.

“It’s astonishing. I will never forget the amazing welcome scenes at the airport or the many thousands of people that came out to share in the team’s joy during the victory parades.

“And, one year later, people still say how they enjoyed the win and how proud they are of that achievement.”

The victory in Tokyo capped a glorious year for the Springboks, who have also crowned the 2019 Rugby Championship winners and were also awarded the prestigious 2019 Laureus Team of the Year Award in Monaco.

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