The British Army’s Twitter and YouTube accounts were recently hacked, for the second time in just six months.

Madeline Wild, associate defense analyst at GlobalData, comments: “The threat of cyberattacks is growing as both state and non-state actors are increasingly able to carry out attacks of varying severity aimed at various targets.

“Hybrid warfare and threats coming from the cyber domain are very much on the Ministry of Defence’s radar. However, the procurement and implementation of cybersecurity systems is struggling to keep up with the growing sophistication of technology used by even unprofessional hackers.

“The recent attack is the second cyber-incident suffered by the British Army in six months, raising further concerns over the strength of the service’s cyber defenses,” Wild adds. “It is important to consider the ramifications of a hack such as this if it had been carried out by a terrorist organisation or enemy state.

“Both incidents are embarrassing for the Army, in part due to their nature and since neither seem to have required overly hi-tech software to be successful.”