Seacom and Broadband Infraco (BBI) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership intended to improve available long-distance network infrastructure for government entities in South Africa.

In this joint effort, SEACOM and BBI – a state-owned company and significant player in the telecommunications sector – will provide a tailored IPT offering for government organisations procuring their services and WISP/ISP to BBI customers in remote areas in South Africa.

The two organisations will also work together on strategic public sector opportunities, leveraging BBI’s network and influence.

Established in 2008 and governed by the Broadband Infraco Act No 33 of 2007, BBI aims to improve market efficiency in the long-distance connectivity market through increased long-distance network infrastructure. Thanks to this partnership, Seacom will be helping BBI achieve its mandate of expanding the availability and affordability of access to electronic communications.

Oliver Fortuin, group CEO of Seacom, says: “We’re proud to once again be expanding our portfolio of services. This partnership will improve connectivity across South Africa for citizens and businesses. It’s always rewarding to do work for the public sector, especially when it’s enabling the great work that BBI does.”

Phumza Dyani, chief sales and marketing officer at BBI, adds: “We’re excited to partner with Seacom in such a targeted and meaningful way. Seacom’s communications and cloud solutions have enabled significant growth of the continent’s economy and we anticipate that the outcome of our collaborative services will improve market efficiency.”