The normalisation of a hybrid work environment is putting financial services providers under pressure to create highly efficient teams regardless of the geographic location of individual members.

GPP, is an entity authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, with a remote office based in Cape Town. In 2021. GPP were acquired by UK based Titan Wealth Holdings Limited as part of their strategy to bring a new proposition to the wealth and asset management sector in the UK and offer higher quality, more flexible, and independent services to investment managers and independent financial advisers (IFAs).

Fundamentally, Titan is changing the landscape in its market beyond the delivery of higher quality and flexible services, with GPP developers at its core. Following its recent appointment of British-based Geoff Towers as its CEO, GPP is identifying innovative ways to attract exceptional developer talent from not only South Africa, but also around the world. Towers was previously the CEO of BNY Mellon’s Pershing business and brings with him more than 40 years’ experience in wealth management and investment services. 

“Geoff joining GPP has come at a time where we are looking to drive our tech-focused finance culture to attract developers who think outside the box and who have a passion for being innovative. Our industry is at a tipping point where those providers willing to embrace more efficient ways of doing business will be the ones who differentiate themselves from the rest of the market. The past two years have seen GPP remove any friction when it comes to new talent acquisition. It has been a concerted effort to quickly hire for the experience we need to continue providing more dynamic wealth management solutions.” Says Craig Abernethy, Head of Product at GPP.

The high calibre of senior developers GPP has been able to attract means it can rapidly scale and optimise its wealth solutions platform beyond how rival, traditional administration models are currently running.

“Our development approach is very much geared towards democratising business problems and breaking down siloes. We offer significant value through our technologically driven problem-solving and overcoming the challenges of operating at scale. GPP is a driver of efficiencies, and with our engineering team, we are constantly identifying how to incorporate innovations and enhancements into the Titan platform,” adds Trevor Sumner, Head of Engineering at GPP.

GPP has developed a bespoke clearing and custody solution specifically for Titan Wealth with the means to develop new business models and tap into more opportunities as the market for wealth management continues to grow. Integration into existing Titan Wealth systems is critical in this regard. As will recruiting for more senior developers become crucial.  

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