Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google parent Alphabet, has defended the Internet search giant against claims that it is anti-competitive, citing established rivals in the digital advertising market and upstart mobile app TikTok as examples of robust competition in technology.

Pichai made the remarks late on Tuesday at the Code Conference in Los Angeles. He said the company is “pro-competitive” and named companies including Apple and Microsoft as competitors in the advertising business and TikTok as a rival in the video space. He said that YouTube Shorts, Google’s TikTok competitor, is off to a “great start”.

“Competition in tech is hyper-intense,” Pichai said. The rise of TikTok “shows there is competition in the space” and “how vibrant this market is” compared to years past.

The US justice department sued Google in 2020, alleging the company dominates the search market in violation of antitrust laws. The company is the most popular search engine and only has limited competition in that business from Microsoft Bing and Yahoo Search. The DoJ is also said to be preparing to sue Google on claims it illegally dominates the digital advertising market.

“Do I wake up and worry about all the stuff that’s coming down?” Pichai said Tuesday. “Absolutely.”

Still, he said, “my guidance to our teams is to be respectful and engage the way we have in Europe” and “engage constructively through the process”.