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Twitter is making it easier to search for tweets from a specific account. The social media platform has added a search button on profile pages that will allow any user to search through tweets from other accounts on the site in a much more concise way than was previously available.

Searching for specific tweets isn’t a new feature, but previously you had to use a special format – consisting of “from:[Twitter handle] [search term]” – in the regular Twitter search box, which isn’t as accessible as the new format.

The new feature started appearing for a small number of users last month, but has now been rolled out widely in the service’s iOS app.

News of the new feature comes as Twitter recently said it will begin allowing Twitter Blue subscribers to try out new features before anyone else.

In a tweet posted by the Twitter Blue account last month, it was announced subscribers with iOS devices can access pinned conversations – which allow you to pin DM conversations to the top of the list – and those on desktop versions of the site can try out posting and accessing longer videos.

However, the feature isn’t available to everyone, as the Twitter account noted: “Currently, Labs is only available to subscribers in Canada and Australia, with more countries coming soon. Love what you see, and ready for more? Tell us what you think!”

Twitter Blue is gearing up to be rolled out in more territories soon, and the company says on its website that Blue will be available in additional regions and on Android and the web “in the near future”.

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