Free Fire Showdown

The Free Fire Showdown, powered by Huawei, has taken the South African mobile gaming community by storm since the competition was announced a few weeks ago. Huawei and Mettlestate, the leading esports tournament organiser in South Africa, are fired up (pun intended…) about the participation so far.

Mobile gamers have flocked to sign up for the biggest mobile gaming tournament the country has ever seen. The Huawei Free Fire Showdown boasts a prize pool of R185 000 in cash and prizes for the top three teams at the end of the competition. Over 84 teams of 4 players each (also known as squads) have signed up for the competition so far, and they’re not slowing down. Your maths is probably faster than ours, but that means over 300 mobile gamers are battling it out for glory.

During the week of 22 November, the registered squads took to the Free Fire arena to prove their mettle in this epic battle royale. This marked the first week of the qualifiers stage of the competition. They’re just warming up! There will be 3 weeks of qualifiers before we have the top 36 teams. These teams will fight for their spot in the grand finals, which will take place on the 14th of December 2021.

This tournament is focused on giving squads the best possible chance at victory, and both Huawei and Mettlestate want to make sure everyone can participate as much as possible. This is why both parties have decided to shake up the status quo of esports competitions a bit with a competition format that prioritises inclusivity and maximum exposure and opportunities. Every week, the teams are split into six groups. Three groups play on Mondays, and the other three play on Wednesdays. The top two teams from each group (thus 12 in total each week) qualify for the playoffs. But this doesn’t mean the other teams are out… Teams who do not make it into the top two for their respective groups, and thus miss qualification for the finals, have the opportunity to reregister and compete in the following week’s qualifiers to try their luck again!

These are the first 12 teams who have made it to the finals (in no particular order):

Alpha Crew                                                                            NO PROBLEM
Crimson Myth                                                                        Otsutsuki
DONT PANIC                                                                          Strawhats
Dream Crushers                                                                    The_Akatsuki
Expandables                                                                          TRYHARDS
Great Speed                                                                           YAKUZA

“It is incredible to see this level of engagement at this stage of the competition,” says Carly Twaddle – the community manager for Mettlestate. Twaddle goes on to say that this type of engagement and participation is unusual for the first rendition of a tournament of this magnitude. “I hope this means that mobile gamers are understanding how committed both Mettlestate and Huawei are to the betterment of esports in South Africa. This tournament format coupled with a historically large prize pool, backed by a well-established tech brand is sure to prove the authenticity and integrity of gaming in South Africa,” Twaddle concludes.

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