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Telkom Business has partnered with South African MarTech company Mobiz, to bring dynamic SMS marketing to small, medium, and micro enterprises (SMMEs). The businesses aim to make rich content mobile marketing affordable, accessible, and scalable to all businesses, with packages starting from as low as R99 per month. This offering enables businesses to experience and benefit from the same technology used daily by MultiChoice, Incredible Connection, HomeChoice, and many more leading brands in SA.

In earlier announcements, Telkom has pledged its support to SMMEs in their journey to adopt online software by introducing SaaS (software as a service) products including ZohoBlackFog and most recently Mobiz to its e-commerce platform.

Executive Marketing:  Yep | SMB | Financial Services, Innocent Pereira, says “We’re on a mission to become a full-stack solution for small businesses, helping them thrive using digital tools to get online, acquire customers, and become more productive.” Pereira believes small businesses should adopt an agile strategy and embrace the technology and tools at their disposal.

“We will go out of our way to bring to SMMEs those solutions that help them on their journey in a way that is convenient, cost-effective and speaks to the modern trends of technological developments.”

Mobiz co-founder and CEO, Greg Chen, says Mobiz recognises the need for SMMEs to stand out from competitors whilst facing the challenges of having a limited budget. “Standard SMS is no longer cutting it. Our focus is to help businesses send dynamic SMSs at scale, that allow users to add a branded URL to the SMS, which then directs customers to a unique and personalised landing page. Think of it as Mailchimp for SMS, if you will.”

Chen highlights data cost-free landing pages as a core benefit to using the service, adding that 50% of consumers in emerging markets, particularly Africa, do not have access to mobile data at any given moment. “We wanted to give businesses an affordable way to stay connected and engage with their customers by removing the data barrier for the end-user. Clicking on any URL link in the SMS and engaging with the landing page, is completely free of data charges.”

Both Chen and Pereira believe that combining both companies’ technical expertise puts them in the perfect position to help business owners improve their customer communications. 

“We are extremely excited to embark on this endeavour together. The teams at Telkom Business and Mobiz have put incredible effort into delivering a product that makes rich media SMS marketing accessible to all businesses,” says Chen. 

Highlights of what the dynamic partnership will bring:

  • New ways to engage with customers

Research shows that SMS boasts a 98% open rate, compared to the 20% average open rate of email. Using SMS allows businesses the opportunity to adopt an omnichannel marketing approach and boost their conversion rate.

  • Conditional personalisation and smart rules

By harnessing the power of automated personalisation, users can send customers tailored landing pages and SMS copy that changes dynamically, based on user data.  Content can be tailored to the individual, ensuring customers receive highly relevant messages.

  • Data cost free landing pages

Users can increase their engagement rates significantly by removing the data-barrier. Allowing customers to visit the unique URL link within the SMS and engage with the landing pages completely data-cost-free to them. This feature comes with all Mobiz and Telkom partnered packages.

  • Feature rich templates

Campaigns can be built in minutes by choosing an expertly designed, click-and-create template. Content can be rearranged and duplicated to create custom designs that align with the brand of the business.

  • Excellent customer support

Users can expect a fast and collaborative service experience and engage with a team that has a proactive problem-solving approach. Mobiz will provide users with near real-time support and have a Help Centre with useful articles to guide users on how to use features.

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