Telegram has added a new feature which allows users to import their chat history from WhatsApp, the company announced on their blog post.

The new feature will also allow users to move their individual and group chats from apps like Line and KakaoTalk to Telegram.

The new update comes after Telegram saw a great increase in downloads, as users started migrating to the platform. The company has now over 500 million active users around the world.

The company added that it had over 100 million new users joined in January that were seeking more privacy and freedom. This comes after the controversial WhatsApp new privacy policy saga saw users migrating to Telegram. WhatsApp has since postponed their privacy policy update and ensured users that the company can not listen or read their conversations as they are end-to-end encrypted.

For users to be able to import their chats from WhatsApp they need to have the latest version (7.4.1) of Telegram.

Here’s how to move your chats from WhatsApp on iOS

– Open the Contact Info or Group Info page in WhatsApp, tap Export Chat, and then choose Telegram in the share menu.
– For Android users, the migration process is as follows
Open WhatsApp chat.
– Tap on the three-dotted line in the top-right corner.
– Select more.
– Select Export Chat.
– Choose Telegram in the share menu.
– Then, just pick a Telegram chat to import the messages into.

Users have an option to choose whether they want to import their chat history with or without their media. Telegram added that importing your chat history does not occupy extra space.
“Older apps make you store all data on your device – but Telegram can take up virtually no space while letting you access all your messages, photos and videos anytime you need them” the company said in a blog post.

Messages imported into chats will have small ‘Imported’ labels on them noting when they were. originally sent, and when they were brought into Telegram.

With this major feature, Telegram has made it easier for users to jump ship from WhatsApp to their platform as they would be able to migrate their chats history including videos and documents.

Telegram latest update also offers a handful of other quality improvements such as improved voice chats, improved audio player, greeting stickers, new Android Animations, reporting fake channels and improved accessibility.

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