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Standard Bank customers have had to deal with protracted disruptions over the last two weeks, including on two Fridays over month-end.

Now, Standard Bank has launched a services status page to keep customers up to date about the status of banking services.
The free opt-in-based website is designed to keep customers informed about the status of services and availability of certain banking features.

“We developed this page in the interest of transparency and customer service. We always endeavour to ensure that our systems are up and running at all times, but technology is fallible,” says Lungisa Fuzile, CEO of Standard Bank. “With this tool, we are able to keep our customers informed while our teams work to fix any issues that might occur.

“Importantly, information is displayed in realtime as it relates to problems or recovery status.”
With the new tool, communication of any issues is immediate, and customers can register for updates with their email address or mobile number.

“We acknowledge that the disruption of our services this past weekend impacted our customers adversely,” Fuzile says. “While our teams worked tirelessly to solve the problem, our clients expect our services to be available and accessible 24/7.

“Despite any momentary setbacks we encounter, we will do whatever it takes to deliver on this promise. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience that this has caused.”

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