MultiChoice, in partnership with the University of Stellenbosch, is offering employees from the six regional TV stations on DStv a chance to upskill themselves in key business practices.

“These stations play a vital role in bringing local stories to life. Our partnership focuses on uplifting their production quality through the latest broadcast equipment and providing much-needed funding to produce local stories. The best equipment and content should be managed by the best employees – that is why we’re also investing in upskilling these teams,” said Nyiko Shiburi, CEO of MultiChoice SA.

Selected employees from each station can choose courses that cover:

Leadership Fundamentals
Marketing Management
Business Finance Principles & Practices
Human Resource Management
Risk Management Principles & Practices

These courses are hosted by the University of Stellenbosch’s Business School, that aims to develop people, impact businesses, and transform lives through online learning solutions in leadership, business management, and innovation. The courses offered in partnership with MultiChoice, are aimed at those who want to understand how the different areas of a business work together strategically, operationally and financially and apply these insights to the running of their stations.

We have been supporting regional TV stations in South Africa for many years, empowering them across the entire entertainment supply chain. This includes providing the latest broadcast equipment, free broadcast rights for the DStv Diski and Rugby Challenges, and training in production and business education and management.

Last year, we invited these stations to submit ideas for stories in their communities. We selected the best ideas and provided funding for content development. We also paid the full salaries of cast, crew and creatives for the months of March and April, to minimise the impact of COVID-19

“Our ongoing support and investment in these stations is a great example of how our hyperlocal strategy comes to life. It is  an extension of our commitment to bring local stories in communities in their local language. We are the biggest investor in local content in Africa,” commented Nyiko.

Community television gives expression to local culture, fulfils local educational and entertainment needs. It provides much needed local employment opportunities and a platform for local sporting and cultural events.

These stations need to rise to the challenges of rapid technological change, continuous innovation and global entertainment trends to ensure they remain relevant to their communities. MultiChoice will walk this journey with them to ensure our local stories continue to be heard.

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