Guardians of Hope

To launch its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) wing initiative, the Southern African Institute of Government Auditors (SAIGA) Eastern Cape region members will roll up their sleeves to embark in a collaborative effort with the MMFAS Chartered Accountants and Auditors Inc to donate baby food parcels and items to the Guardians of Hope Place of Safety in East London.

The aim of the initiative is to lend a helping hand to the Guardians of Hope through the donation of items that will cater for the home needs list which includes baby food and nappies amongst other items.

The Guardians of Hope Place of Safety, which is a non-profit charity organisation was established to provide a home, love, and care to abandoned, destitute and babies who were given up for adoption. The home provides care to babies from new-borns to eighteen months.

Through projects such as these, SAIGA’s CIS wing is committed to prioritise progress for those who’re furthest behind. SAIGA’s CSI programmes are designed to help end poverty, hunger, improve the standard and quality of learning, discrimination against women and girls.

SAIGA prides itself on its strides to serve the public sector and provide innovative solutions in this volatile environment in which we operate, making a real difference in the lives of our communities.

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