Noxolo Grootboom

The South African Broadcasting Corporation is delighted as it bids farewell to a revered and celebrated broadcaster in the country, Ms Noxolo Grootboom. The veteran IsiXhosa news anchor has spent more than three decades at the SABC and goes on retirement with an untainted and outstanding performance record. She has been there during key moments in the life of the public news service, and her contribution was unmissable.

She graced television screens in millions of South African homes as she worked diligently delivering news bulletins in her distinctly reassuring and persuasive voice. Sis’Xolo as she is affectionately known by many, has been conscientious even behind the scenes in ensuring that the IsiXhosa news bulletin that she devoted much of her life to, lived up to viewers’ expectations.

The SABC Group Chief Executive Officer, Madoda Mxakwe, has expressed his sincere gratitude to Ms Grootboom for her solid service of excellence, and for upholding the integrity and core values of the public broadcasting service. Mr. Mxakwe says, “Ms Grootboom embodies a very rare combination of excellence, humility and humanity, and we are immensely grateful for her contribution to our organisation’s efforts in delivering on the language and editorial aspects of our public mandate.”

The SABC sincerely thanks her for using her passion for African Languages selflessly, to make a sterling contribution to the development and preservation of IsiXhosa. This input is emblematic of the responsibility that the SABC carries as the country’s public service broadcaster.

To the viewers who paused their lives to watch her deliver news bulletins, the SABC says thank you for your unwavering support. In honouring her legacy, the public broadcaster commits to strengthening its efforts to preserve and nurture all official languages as part of its public mandate responsibilities.

As she retires, Ms Grootboom had her final bulletin on SABC 1 last night. We look forward to hearing her signature goodbye “Nanga ningalala nambethe ingubo yoxolo nemvisiswano. Ndinithanda nonke emakhaya”.

She served her audiences with absolute distinction, class, and dignity.

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