Phutuma Nathi

Phutuma Nathi is looking for 22 000 shareholders who owned shares and did not receive dividends between 2006 and 2020. There is R207 million in unclaimed dividends, waiting for their rightful owners.

“This money belongs to our shareholders. We’re calling on them to contact us to get their money. In these tough economic times we want to do everything in our power to give them what is rightfully theirs,” says Mandla Langa, chairman of Phuthuma Nathi.

Phuthuma Nathi has been paying dividends every year since the start of the scheme in 2006. Some of the reasons why dividends were not paid could be because personal details such as banking details might have changed but have not been updated with Phuthuma Nathi or that the shareholder has passed on.

The 22 000 Shareholders can claim their dividends by contacting the Phuthuma Nathi call centre on 086 011 6226 or by logging in to the Phuthuma Nathi website at <>.

The identity number of the shareholder will be required as a first step. There will be thorough checks to confirm the legitimacy of the shareholder before payments are made.

Phuthuma Nathi has been trying to locate these shareholders for some time by contacting them using the contact details on record, which may not have been recently updated by shareholders,  and through tracing agents. Although some of the shareholders have been found, there is still a large number who have not claimed their dividends.

Phuthuma Nathi is also launching a media campaign to try to find these shareholders.

The MultiChoice BBBEE share scheme, Phuthuma Nathi, is one of the most successful schemes in South Africa. It is truly broad-based with more than 80 000 black shareholders from all walks of life.

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