digital transformation

Public servants are set to receive training on innovation and management in the digital and data era, as well as leadership in a time of crisis.

The training, which is part of improving the capacity of the State to better deliver services to the public, is a result of a partnership between South Africa and France.

“The National School of Government, in partnership with the E’Cole Nationale D’administration (ENA) of France, will offer courses in Public Affairs Management in the Digital Era and Leadership in Times of Crisis and Complexity in February 2021,” the National School of Government said on Tuesday.

The digital transformation course is aimed at reducing the gap between public administration, and the world of innovation and new technologies.

“Digital technology is expected to boost the ability of public servants to innovate in order to meet new expectations of citizens in terms of transparency and democratic participation, and to constantly improve the quality of public services and increase the efficiency of government,” the National School of Government said.

The Leadership in Times of Crisis and Complexity course will explore topics such as leadership and prevention of crisis in a context of high uncertainty, governance and decision-making during a crisis, stakes of communication during a crisis, and create agility and responsiveness in complex situations.

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