Whatsapp Bundles

MTN has announced a revision to its WhatsApp and social media bundles, promising its customers more data and value.

In addition to its WhatsApp packages, MTN also offers social media prepaid data bundles that work for Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter.

MTN first launched its social bundles in April 2018.

“Social Bundles uptake has been phenomenal over the three years with more customers choosing to stay connected with friends and families on these platforms,” said MTN executive for corporate affairs Jacqui O’Sullivan.

“These enhancements are in line with our efforts to make data more affordable and accessible for South Africans.”

O’Sullivan said that MTN has reviewed and revised its Social Bundles portfolio by adding new bundles.

MTN prepaid customers can buy social media bundles by dialling *136*2# (or *143#), or through the MoMo app, MTN stores, and the MTN app.

The below summarise the changes to MTN’s WhatsApp and Social Data Bundles.

WhatsApp bundles
Bundle ValidityBundlesOld PriceNew PriceRevised Bundle Size
Daily250MBR5New bundle
Daily1GBR10New bundle
3 Days100MBR5150MB
3 Days1GBR12New bundle
Weekly1GBR20New bundle
20 Days1GBR30Unchanged
30 Days1GBR35New bundle
30 Days1.5GBR502GB
30 Days5GBR99New bundle
Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter bundles
Bundle ValidityBundlesOld PriceNew PriceRevised Bundle Size
Daily500MBR10New bundle
Weekly300MBR10New bundle
Weekly2GBR30New bundle
Monthly1GBR35New bundle
Monthly5GBR99New bundle
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