PC, Mac, Ipad

The photo-based social media site Instagram is allowing users to post pictures via PC, Mac, and iPad.

The Facebook-owned photo-based social media site has unveiled a major update to the desktop versions of its platform, including the ability to actually post pictures and updates using your computer rather than your phone.

Instagram began rolling out the new feature earlier this week, and it comes as the Instagram community has “long requested” that developers give them the ability to post via their computers.

Up until now, the desktop version of the app only allowed users to view their Instagram feeds, as well as leave likes and comments on posts, but it had no option to create any kind of content.

Aside from the ability to post to Instagram from a desktop browser, there are other creative-focused features that have been rolled out as part of the update.

Earlier in the week, Instagram globally rolled out Collabs, which is a new way for people to co-author Feed Posts and Reels that displays both accounts in the Instagram feed.

Collab posts are posted to both accounts, will appear in the profile feed of both accounts, and will share the same number of likes and even the comment thread too.

There are also now Fundraiser Prompts which allow users to create fundraisers for non-profit organisations on Instagram, as well as features called Superbeat and Dynamic Lyrics, which have been launched for Reels.

Superbeat “intelligently applies special effects to the beat of a user’s song” while Dynamic Lyrics “display 3D lyrics that flow with the groove”, with the aim of improving the Reels of those who share music and dance content.


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