After announcing a handful of new education features just last week, Google is updating the privacy and security defaults for students using Chrome, as well as accounts and other apps, managed by schools.

Google starts by updating its privacy notice for teachers, parents and students to make it easier to understand what information is collected and why, 9To5Google reported.

The new age-based access settings “make it easier for admins to tailor experiences for their users based on age when using Google services”.

All admins from primary and secondary institutions must indicate which of their users, such as their teachers and staff, are 18 and older using organisational units or groups in Admin Console.On September 1, students under 18 in K-12 can only view YouTube content assigned by teachers.

They won’t be able to post videos, comment, live stream, or even Cast on TVs using a school-managed Google Account.Similar restrictions will be applied to Search, Google Play (content restrictions), Maps/Earth and Photos, while other products will be entirely unavailable.

If admins don’t make a selection by September 1, primary and secondary institutions users will all default to the under-18 experience, while higher-education institutions users will default to the 18-and-older experience.Lastly, K-12 students using Chrome will see SafeSearch and SafeSites enabled by default, while Guest Mode and Incognito Mode will be disabled.Admins can change these settings at any time.

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