Google has introduced six new features to Android phones that will make users feel secure and convenient, the company announced on its blog post.

Not only is the company expanding its Password Checkup feature that was introduced in 2019, but it will also introduce schedule messages, dark theme in Google Maps, Talkback and Android Auto. The company is also enhancing its Google Assistant.

“We’ve integrated Password Checkup into devices running Android 9 and above. This feature lets you know if the password you used has been previously exposed and what to do about it,” said the company in its blog post.

Password Checkup is Google’s auto-fill password manager that will allow users to enter a password into an app on their phones. Google will then check the credentials against a list of known compromised passwords that have been potentially stolen and posted on the web.

Google said if a user’s credentials pop up on their list of compromised passwords, the company will alert the user and guide them to check their password and change it.

Another feature that seems to be a fan favourite is the scheduled text messages. Before using this feature, users will need to use the updated Google’s Messages app, in which they will be able to tap and hold on the send button for a message to select the date and time that they would like to send their text.

Google says this feature is useful for messaging friends and family members in different time zones. The feature will be available on phones running Android 7 or newer models.

The company will also be updating Google’s TalkBack screen reader, which allows blind and low vision users to easily interact with their phones.

We worked closely with the blind and low vision communities on this revamp of TalkBack to incorporate the most popularly requested features including, more intuitive gestures, a unified menu, a new reading control menu and more,” the company said.

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