Smile Telecoms

Smile Telecoms Holdings founder, Irene Charnley, has retired with effect from 1 January 2021, the Pan-African telecommunications group said today.

Hailed as one of Africa’s most successful business leaders, Charnley has led Smile Telecom’s innovation and pioneering of Africa’s first 4G LTE network infrastructure.

Charnley has retired as deputy chairman from the Smile Telecoms board.

The company also the retirement of Smile Telecoms co-founder Mohammed Wajih Sharbatlyfrom its board and all boards of the operating companies, effective 1 January 1 2021.

Sharbatly has acted as co-chairman of the group through December 2020.

“Today we say farewell to our Founder and Deputy Chairman, Ms. Irene Charnley. We wish her all success in her new endeavors,” Ibrahim H. Sharbatly, chairman of the group said.

“We also want to say farewell to our Co-Founder and Co-Chairman Mr. Mohammad Wajih H. Sharbatly.”

The Pan-African telecommunications group has operations in Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The company also announced that its board approved the Head Office and Centre of Main Interest (COMI) of Smile Telecoms to shift from Mauritius to England and Wales.

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