First National Bank (FNB) said that its customers could use eBucks to buy e-textbooks via Snapplify so they could access affordable e-learning resources.

Snapplify is an edtech leader, offering digital learning solutions for individuals and institutions worldwide.

From June 1, FNB and RMB Private Bank customers could get up to 40 percent off Snapplify Book Bundle vouchers, depending on their reward level and if they paid for the vouchers with eBucks.

Johan Moolman, eBucks Rewards chief executive, said: “This collaboration comes at a crucial time when many of our customers and their families rely on digital solutions to access educational content. Whether it’s prescribed textbooks or supplementary study material, our customers will now have access to quality and affordable e-learning resources using eBucks.”

Wesley Lynch, Snapplify’s chief executive, said: “Snapplify Book Bundle is another way we’re making ebooks and e-learning more accessible, and we’re excited to have FNB on board as we work to empower more students with the resources they need to succeed.”

FNB said eBucks Rewards had more than 30 partners across all major categories in both retail outlets and online.


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