Discovery Bank

Cumulate has partnered with Discovery Bank to launch Worth, a financial education platform that seeks to transform lives through online learning.

Eighty-two percent of South African consumers indicated in a recent survey that their household income had been negatively impacted by Covid-19. In addition, 84 percent of these consumers were concerned about their ability to pay bills and loans, while 31 percent expected to run short within one month.

Gary Kayle, the chief executive of Worth, said: “Worth is Discovery Bank’s financial education partner … We have witnessed first-hand how compelling financial education can radically change lives for the better. We boost financial knowledge and build wealth that lasts.”

Discovery Bank clients with Vitality Money could access Worth’s Wealthy Me or Wealthy Couples courses at a discounted rate (Discovery Bank clients pay R399 and non-Discovery Bank clients pay R4 999).

Worth’s online courses teach individuals how to manage their money more effectively. The courses help people to master their finances and tackle spiralling debt. With a time investment of only six hours over 60 days, learners can alter their financial future.

Cumulate has recently been selected for Endeavor’s Local Scale Up programme, which is expediting the local and international growth of successful high-impact businesses. These are primarily tech-enabled businesses, built by experienced entrepreneurs, which scale quickly and outperform their peers, driving revenue growth and creating jobs.

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