As China prepares to showcase to the world the use of its 5G technology at the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games, a local lab says it has already achieved a breakthrough in 6G mobile technology.

On Monday it was reported that a research team at government-backed Purple Mountain Laboratories achieved a wireless transmission speed of 206.25 gigabites per second, which marks a world record for real-time wireless transmission.

The recorded 6G speed is roughly 10-20 times faster than current 5G technology available in China and is said to be able to download an entire 59.5 hour Marvel Cinematic Universe sequence in 4K at just 16 seconds.

Meanwhile, the global rollout of 5G has not gone as smooth as expected due to a variety of reasons ranging from high cost to conspiracy theories.

The 5G rollout began in early 2019 and since then, China has rolled out around 1.4 million 5G base stations across the country.
Heading into the Olympic Games, which is less than one month away, Beijing will use the opportunity to highlight the power of its 5G technology.

The Games are scheduled to run from February 4 to February 20 with the venues divided into three clusters across Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou where a high-speed train will connect the three competition zones.

Using the high-speed train, China Global Television Network (CGTN) set up an augmented reality studio that it will use to create an immersive experience for viewers and allow journalists to seamlessly file stories or do live streaming between venues.

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