Twitter Spaces

Twitter has made its audio chat room, Spaces available to Android users.

Twitter Spaces is a voice-based platform where users can talk or listen to discussions where two or more people are talking live. The company introduced a limited version of the Clubhouse competitor on iOS back in January. While Twitter’s iOS app users could join and listen to Spaces, only a selected few can host them at the moment.

Twitter said it was giving Spaces to “a very small feedback group” to begin with, prioritizing women and people from other marginalized groups. Now, users of the Twitter Android app can also join and listen to Spaces.

“Android folks, our beta is growing! starting today you will be able to join and talk in any Space. SOON you’ll be able to create your own but we’re still working out some things. keep your eyes out for live Spaces above your home timeline.” The tweet reads.
Twitter Spaces has a limit of 10 speakers but there is no limit on the number of listeners. Users also have the power to control their Twitter Spaces by adding or removing speakers in the platform, they can report and even block other members.

In the past few months, Twitter has been leading with voice-based features, it introduced audio tweets back in June for a limited number of people, where users get to record and send audio messages up to 140 seconds long. It also introduced support for voice-based direct messages in India last month.

Here’s how you can use Twitter Spaces:
Open your Twitter app and long-press the ‘compose’ (feather icon) button. Tap on the Spaces icon on the far left. This will start your Spaces conversation, and you will be able to invite up to 10 people to speak.

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