Prime Day

At least 24% of South African adults, or an estimated 9,5-million people, plan to shop this year’s Amazon Prime Day sales on 21 June.

The ‘Finder’s Amazon Prime Day Shopping Report’, which polled 1 202 South African adults, reveals that 14% plan to buy an Amazon product or service, with 3% of South Africans set to make a purchase across both Amazon categories.

Eleven percent say they’ll buy an Amazon tech product, like a Kindle or Echo, and 6% an Amazon service like Amazon Prime Video.

More men plan to shop than women, with 27% of men saying they’ll make a purchase, compared to 21% of women – a difference of six percentage points.

Finder’s retail specialist, Susannah Binsted, says a huge number of South Africans are planning to take advantage of Prime Day sales.

“Nearly a quarter of South Africans plan to shop this year’s Prime Day sales, which is huge considering the site only started offering shipping to South Africa relatively recently.

“With people spending more time at home it’s no surprise that many people in South Africa are looking to buy Amazon tech products, like Kindles and the Amazon Echo.

“If you’ve had your eye on a particular product then Prime Day Sales can be a great time to bag a bargain. Just make sure that you’re not buying something for the sake of it.”

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