The party’s staff representative Mvusi Mdlala told Independent Media on Wednesday that it would be impossible for employees to assist with groundwork if their basic need of a salary was not met.

Nationally, about 247 staff members are affected. In the Western Cape, Mdala said, 14 staff as well as six regional secretaries and one provincial coordinator had not received their salaries.

The workers were apparently promised their pay last week, but that has not happened to date, according to an employee who requested anonymity.

“We received a letter from the general manager Febe Potgieter stating that the ANC won’t be able to pay the salaries and hopefully they will be in a position to pay it soon,” the person said.

“We are withholding our labour. People have had cars repossessed, people can’t afford to pay school fees, bonds, rent … people are going hungry and starving so you can’t expect someone in that situation to work.”

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