Eskom has announced that it will implement stage 2 load shedding from noon today until 10pm due to challenges of a constrained power system.

“Ten generation units at seven power stations suffered breakdowns in the last 48 hours,” the power utility said on Tuesday morning.

According to Eskom, one generator broke down at Arnot, Medupi, Lethabo, Matla power stations, respectively, while two units failed at Majuba, Camden and Tutuka power stations, respectively.

“This, together with the need to conserve emergency generation reserves, necessitates that load shedding be implemented in order to protect the integrity of the system,” Eskom explained.

The power utility said the unplanned breakdowns stand at 11 665MW of capacity, adding to the 4 558MW currently out on planned maintenance.

In addition, Eskom has also warned that any further deterioration in the generation performance may necessitate the escalation of power cuts at short notice.

“As the aged generation infrastructure is unreliable and volatile, this constrained power system is expected to persist for the rest of the week.”

The utility has urged citizens to help reduce electricity usage to assist Eskom to minimise the chances of more load shedding.

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