Popular video streaming platform Netflix’s upcoming ad-supported tier is unlikely to make the platform’s off-line viewing feature available to members on this low-end tier of the service.

According to TechCrunch, this discovery came about when developer Steve Moser found code within the Netflix iPhone app that suggested the streamer will block users from downloading titles to their devices for off-line viewing.

Text in the code stated, “Downloads available on all plans except Netflix with ads”, and also suggested users would be directed to personalise their ad experience and would not be able to skip commercials, as is expected.

Netflix declined to comment on the downloads feature specifically to the website, but suggested it may be a part of the final product.

“We are still in the early days of deciding how to launch a lower priced, ad-supported option and no decisions have been made. So this is all just speculation at this point,” a Netflix spokesperson was quoted as saying.

In June, the platform confirmed that it is set to launch an ad-supported tier by the end of the year to reduce its losses and bring more users to the platform.

Netflix’s co-chief executive, Ted Sarandos, confirmed during the Cannes Lions advertising festival that the future of the streaming giant would include ads.