On the 14th of September 2022, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma Steps Up To The Mark because she has positively responded to the call to put Citizens First. 

Dr Dlamini Zuma, the minister of corporate governance and traditional affairs, is scheduled to give an opening address at the second Southern African Institute of Government Auditors (SAIGA) conference. Public sector accountants and audit professionals can look forward to the minister’s speech. Dlamini Zuma is to focus on the proficient role professionals have to play in national endeavours meant to better the lives of citizens.

Under the same theme, the minister will highlight the responsibility of bookkeepers. Such include good administration, assisting departments and other state entities to achieve clean audit outcomes that enhance smooth service delivery and governance.

Former Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng is the main speaker at the SAIGA 2022 Gala Dinner. 

“Our theme at the first SAIGA conference last year was Citizens Come First. But for citizens to come first, there needs to be a Stepping Up to The Mark. Professionals in government institutions should lead the march in that direction. In the instance of the SAIGA conference, the emphasis and focus are on accountants and audit personnel,” says Russel Morena, SAIGA Chief Executive Officer. 

Additionally, Morena issues a call: “Therefore, we need to roll up the sleeves, put shoulders to the wheel and hands on deck. Such is necessary for our work to become the kind that contributes significantly to enabling service delivery. Particularly the kind that places citizens in the number one position.”

Numerous other subject matters putting citizens first will be on the table for deliberation. For instance, Improving Audit Outcomes is a talking point to get tackled by Phuti Phukubje, Edmond Shoko, Pranisha Rama and Jeanine Poggiolini. They will present possible solutions to deal with poor financial and performance management within the provincial government. Because when left unattended, in the key service delivery departments, such results in the denial of critical life-improving services to citizens.

“In our engagement with our panelists and speakers, we have been saying it is critical that as we share perspectives, we should also drive discussions towards solutions. Hence at the end of the conference, we will summarise any recommendations and make them widely available,” Morena adds.

Among several top minds and professionals to speak or form part of panel discussions at the conference are judge Bernard Ngoepe, Dr James Ramakau and Dr Nandi Madiba. With South Africa facing so many challenges, judge Ngoepe will speak on how the country can overcome some of its major obstacles on a path to a status of a great country and a better life for all citizens.

The programme also has a topic on Improving The State of The SA Economy- The Role of professional bodies. In this panel, there will be Odwa Duda, Sazi Ndwandwa and Elsie Pule.

Morena, SAIGA Chief Executive Officer, closes the first day of the conference with a proposition. Particularly solutions to some challenges faced by the public sector, accountants and audit professionals.

The two-day conference will conclude with an award ceremony, in which excellence in public sector academic research, government accounting and auditing will get highlighted.

The SAIGA Conference is on the 14th  and 15th of September 2022 at the Protea Fire & Ice Marriot hotel in Pretoria.