The official honorific she responds to is Lesego Nyamane, but then she identifies by the epithet of Bobbi. Well, that would be her moniker which the marketing guru dares to say is her brand name. 

Bobbi speaks to Tech-Talk four months into her position as Marketing Lead at Acer Africa. 

Lady Bobbi ascends like the highest of Whitney Houston sweet notes to… That is to say, Bobbi rises from within the Acer ranks, where she was the Marketing Coordinator prior.

The responsibility of leading the Marketing team, in Africa, of the Taiwanese multinational Hardware and Electronics Company, is a high career summit thus far.

“I am so…, It is a thrill to take my creativity to another level at Acer. I love Marketing because it is a dynamic industry of creativity and is forever changing. I am grateful for the opportunity Acer has given me.”

Meeting The Expectations

While maintaining a good note of things, the anticipation is of her to contribute to Acer Africa’s hitting of the sweet and high notes so that it stands head and shoulder above competitors. It is a task involving contributing to the goals of the company. These include Nyamane leading the Acer brand marketing strategy and conducting market research on trends, demographics, competitor products, and other relevant areas.

Additionally, she is to help drive communication about optimum satisfaction in customer service and a high-quality product experience.

“Things are going great so far. Of course, with some challenges here and there. But the collective Acer Africa team has been hard at work, positioning Acer in South Africa and the entire continent. We are getting in there.” 

For example, Lady Bobbi points out something about coming to the aid of consumers. Such happens after noticing working from home during the hard lockdown – some struggled to find the right technology to render them highly productive. 

“But now…, you know, I am proud to say that Acer products make it a breeze working remotely. We offers so much more than just desktops and notebooks; such as projectors, accessories, and a spectacular gaming range. In the pipeline is our latest technology called Spatial labs. Indeed, something that is out of the ordinary because it lets you view your device screen in 3D. I think that is fascinating.” 

Finding great success in educational and business markets is the Chromebooks, for which Acer is the distributor in partnership with Google. “Our Chromebook prices are very competitive. Generally, our products allow you to work however and wherever you want.”

The Woman On Top Of Her Game

The only black female in a top management position in Acer leads her team through guidance and teaching than instruction, and it works well for all involved. As a single mom, Lady Bobbi takes it easy on herself because she understands the importance of balance in life. 

“I know I am not going to do everything, so there is a delegation from time to time.” 

In touch with her femininity and community, the marketer says from the Community Social Investment perspective – Acer works hard at empowering women. Recently, Acer supported a school in Richards Bay, where they organised a career day to empower matriculants for the next step in their career life.

“Other initiatives we’ve taken part in are sponsoring the international Girl Gamer Esports Festival in South Africa.”

The Beginnings

An unmissable creative flair and an interest in visual arts fanned Bobbi’s childhood desire for a career in Marketing.

“From varsity, I landed my first job in Marketing at one of the biggest Energy Drink brands. Within those five years, I went from being a promoter to a Field Marketing Specialist. I am here now in the IT industry and a valuable lesson I keep learning from the culture at Acer is that of self-belief. You know, the “my attitude toward life determines the attitude of life toward me.”

Graphic Design and Public Relations count among numerous other studies that Bobbi has undertaken.

The Future Is Pregnant With Promise

Bobbi speaks of an itsy-bitsy pushing of boundaries to see how far ‘we can stretch and challenge ourselves as a business.’

“On going forward, Acer continues to define the brand whilst allowing it to be influenced and aligned with experience and superb service to our customers. So, consumers can expect to experience Acer Africa in more ways. Among others, through its expansion to different markets, including the lifestyle space.”