Investing in a new laptop requires you to look past good looks and towards a more streamlined system that will make life easier. Acer is using intuitive technologies to champion its state-of-the-art laptops, offering you a safer, more efficient way to work and live online. Developed to push ultra-portable PC design to new territories, the Acer Swift 1 comes with intuitive features and the latest technology to support your “next big thing”.

Intuitive technologies are about user experience and intelligent methods to make users more comfortable and work more efficiently. These friendly interfaces correspond intuitively to drive outcomes for security, navigating appointments, and more. 

Boost security and personalisation with intuitive technology

From busy offices to coffee shops and holiday rentals, our laptops accompany us wherever we go. But, because of the personal and potentially sensitive data they hold, this can become risky. Who knows who might try to log in when you’re not looking? Fortunately, intuitive technology offers an extra layer of security through embedded fingerprint readers. This security measure uses biometric authentication for identification and verification functions through touch – rather than a simple password that could be hacked. This feature has become essential in securing sensitive data, as it prevents anyone from accessing your system without your say-so.

Another nifty feature is personalised settings, which allow others to use your device but with certain limitations. If a colleague needs to access a document from the company server but isn’t near her device, she can log into a guest device using her fingerprint; however, she won’t be able to make changes to the system files.

In today’s digital environment, it’s best to prepare yourself for any cybersecurity risk. The Acer Swift 1 includes an embedded fingerprint reader, which helps lock out unwanted visitors, limiting their access based on what you’re prepared to share – all on your terms. 

Benefit from an intelligent personal digital assistant

Having a personal assistant is no longer a luxury – it’s a freebie. Using Cortana, Microsoft’s Intelligent Personal Digital Assistant, you can activate and query Windows 10 using Wake on Voice (WoV) ─ even when the screen is turned off. You also have instant access to an experience on screen without having to interact with or touch a device physically.

For instance, if you want to locate a document that you’re presenting on your Acer Swift 1, want to schedule an urgent meeting, or sync with multiple devices for easy collaboration, shout out “Hey Cortana” and let the intuitive Voice Assistant take the reins to make your demand a reality. 

Acer’s dedication to human-centric designs and intuitive technology empowers users with various feature-rich software solutions that encourage engagement, bringing an entirely new level of control to the computer user. Visit the Acer Swift 1 webpage to learn more about this model’s innovative tech capabilities and its light, thin and sleek design featuring a tougher exterior and brighter vision for those long but necessary nights spent burning the midnight oil. This device is made for wherever life takes you.