The HUAWEI digital ecosystem has witnessed advanced development, which is reflective of the tech brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation. This can be seen on AppGallery with a selection of apps that have not only increased immensely over the years, but there is now a simpler and more straightforward way to install Google apps and services. What’s more, this new solution is way easier and more convenient than all the other workarounds that existed before.

Here’s how to install Google apps on a HUAWEI smartphone

To download apps from the AppGallery, search for the app and install it, exactly like how you would with other app services. If you are wondering whether you can install all Google apps this way, the answer is yes, almost all apps can be installed in the same manner. Most of the popular Google apps, such as Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Drive, are available on the AppGallery. Once installed, the apps will show up on the home screen without any fuss and work just like any other app. Plus, users can sign in with their Google account, to use the app.

By signing into these apps, users can access all their saved locations and various other relevant information. This means, whenever you feel like revisiting your  favourite restaurant on the weekend, you can navigate there using your HUAWEI smartphone, effortlessly. 

The AppGallery is compatible, even on other Android devices

If you used Microsoft Teams on HUAWEI smartphones, you might already know that the experience wasn’t great.  Apps like Uber that use in-app maps did not work well either. Thankfully, all these problems are now solved. Users can find and install these apps from  AppGallery, and they will work as well as on any other Android device.

The easy access and seamless use of apps is made possible by a third-party app called GBox, which can be downloaded from the AppGallery. This method works on all relatively recent HUAWEI devices, like the HUAWEI Mate50 Pro, the HUAWEI nova 10S, and even models that are as old as the Mate30 Series. In addition, you can use this app on other Android devices.

Explore the AppGallery today

Enjoy AppGallery’s simplified user experience – by heading over to the app, exploring the platforms on offer and making a selection of the apps you require. Users can select from 18 categories, which include business and finance, travel, lifestyle, education, games, entertainment, news and more. Each category features premium content curated to inspire various interests, and you can explore seamlessly across all smart devices, including tablets and laptops.