Meta Platforms will feature advertisements in more areas of its Instagram app, the company announced in a blog post.

Instagram users will see ads added to the Explore feed, and Meta is also testing ads in post feeds from a user’s profile.

“To help businesses tell their story and reach new customers, we’re launching new ad placements and formats on Instagram,” Meta’s post reads.

“Businesses can now place ads in Explore home, the grid that people see when they first arrive on the Explore tab.”

The user profile-specific ad feature is designed to help creators earn extra income, describing it as a “monetization opportunity” for eligible creators.

User profile-specific ads will appear when tapping on a post from a creator’s profile. However, Meta didn’t specify what makes a creator eligible to use the new ad feature.

Meta is also testing what it calls “AI-powered multi-advertiser ads” that leverage artificial intelligence technology to deliver ads it thinks are interesting to a user.

The recommended ads will appear beneath other advertisements with which users engage.

“We’ve found that adding multi-advertiser contextual ads to existing Instagram feed ads campaigns outperformed running campaigns for the Purchase outcome compared to those that did not include multi-advertiser ads,” Meta said.