Huawei in on an active recruitment drive to sign up partners for its new Commercial Division.

The company is building up its business channel system and looking to partner with a variety of different partners with experience in the commercial market, who understand the South African commercial market, and have some successful experience are welcomed.

Huawei offers a range of support services for partners, including training to help them improve their capabilities and grow together with Huawei.

Among the benefits of signing up as a Huawei partner are the following:

Partner support

• Huawei encourages partners to grow together with the vendors, and provides regular training.
• Partners that work closely with Huawei gain increased investment in marketing activities.
• Huawei will assist with project solutions, configuration quotation, and customer development requirements raised by partners during project operation within 24 hours.

Partner incentives

• Huawei encourages partners to actively register opportunities and has released the Deal Registration Reward.
• To encourage partner employees to proactively support Huawei product sales, it has released the Partner Sales Employee Incentive.
• Huawei launched the Fast Track promotion program to promote commercial products for some commercial markets, including Switches, Routers, Firewalls, and Wi-Fi6, achieving fast delivery within two to three weeks, the promotion is well received by partners.

Other incentives

Huawei’s certified partners, golden partners, and silver partners enjoy different basic rebates and capability rebates. In addition, Huawei’s joint market fund, market development fund, and sample support incentives are also available for marketing support.
Huawei’s Commercial Division products and solutions are available via its distributors, Mustek and Pinnacle, both of whom will cooperate with Huawei in commercial market expansion and support.

The distributors will provide support to partners in terms of technical support, logistics, and bill cycle.

Resellers are invited to attend the launch event on 22 November to learn more about the Commercial Division and how to join up.
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