People in this age group will be able to book a jab from Tuesday morning, Health Secretary Matt Hancock announces.

People aged 25 to 29 in England will be able to book their coronavirus vaccination from Tuesday morning.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced the extension of the country’s COVID-19 vaccination programme in a statement to MPs in the Commons.

He also said it was “still too early” to say whether step four on England’s roadmap out of lockdown would go ahead on 21 June.

“From this week we will start offering vaccinations to people under 30, bringing us ever closer to the goal of offering a vaccine to all adults in the UK by the end of next month,” Mr Hancock said.

“From tomorrow morning, we will open up vaccination to people aged 25 to 29.”Over the remainder of this week, the NHS will send texts to people in these age groups and GPs will be inviting people on their lists to come forward.”

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