A 28-year-old woman has been sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for burning her son, 7, after accusing him of stealing a chicken from their neighbour, Malawi media reported on Thursday.
News website Malawi24 reported that the Dowa Magistrate’s Court heard on Tuesday that the woman burnt her son’s cheeks, nose and hands on August 21.
According to the report, the boy and his friend caught a chicken, slaughtered it and later roasted it.
The owner of the chicken went to the boy’s mother to inform her about the incident and, after hearing that her son had allegedly stolen a chicken, the woman took a knife, put it into the fire and started burning the child.
This happened soon after the owner of the chicken had left for home.
The police were informed about the incident and arrested the woman, while the son was taken to hospital.
In an unrelated incident, Zodiak Broadcasting Station reported that five street kids have been arrested in connection with the murder of Edson Nasiyaya.
Nasiyaya, from Limbe, was killed on the night of August 9, allegedly by a group of street kids. Some of them have not yet been arrested.
Southern Region Police spokesperson Ramsey Mushani told the station that they were finalising investigations before they could bring the five to court.
The station reported that the arrest came during a spike in robbery and murder cases in Limbe and Blantyre, allegedly committed by street kids.

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