According to the Jobs portal CareerJunction

report, the information technology sector continued to be listed as the top-performing employment sector despite a decline of 3% in hiring activity over the last three months.

The Jobs portal has published its latest employment insights report, detailing supply and demand trends in the South African job market.

The CareerJunction Employment Insights report is based on 5,000 of South Africa’s largest recruiters, both agencies and employers, who advertise their available positions for registered jobseekers.

“This decline may be partly attributed to increased emigration as travel restrictions are relaxed and the growing trend of digital nomads in the IT space,” said CareerJunction.

The report detailed that a decline in hiring activity over the past three months is not exclusive to the information technology sector alone but also the medical and health industry (-14%) and the education, training and library sector (-8%).

CareerJunction noted that findings from Q4 2020 to Q1 2021 and Q4 2021 to Q1 2022 revealed volatile salary trends within the information technology sector, whereas advertised salary packages for roles in sales, finance and admin are either similar or better than they were a year ago.

Just over two-thirds (68%) of all information technology candidates included in the Career Junction report had completed tertiary education. Just short of a quarter of candidates’ highest qualification was a diploma at 23%, with a degree following at 19%.

On average, people working in the information technology sector spend 27 months in their jobs, and 49% were willing to relocate, said Career Junction.

In conversation with BusinessTalk, Pather said that there is a current lack of skills capable of implementing artificial solutions in South African companies. He added that a base level of data literacy is now required to have a successful innovative business team.

Career Junction said that the market-related salary offerings for the top in-demand skills are:

Java Development skills: between R44,015 and R64,602 per month.

C# Development skills: between R39,202 and R57,222 per month.

.Net Development skills between R38,128 and R56,619 per month.

Full stack development skills: between R36,791 and R59,073 per month.

The top 3 scarce skills:

Software development

Technical/Business Architecture

Business Analysis