Leading cloud-based cybersecurity services provider Digimune has signed a cybersecurity services partnership agreement with ViaCarte, the global leader in card and payment solution provisioning to financial institutions.

The partnership, which comes into effect in December, will see a number of Digimune’s advanced enterprise, SME and personal cybersecurity solutions integrated into ViaCarte’s financial services systems, and rolled out to ViaCarte customers in Africa, North and South America. 

“With cybercrime on the rise, the global financial services sector is targeted more often than any other sector due to the rapid growth of digital commerce and banking, especially post-pandemic,” says Digimune director, Simon Campbell-Young. 

“It’s therefore imperative that leading financial services organisations like ViaCarte proactively integrate cybercrime monitoring, prevention and recovery countermeasures, and we’re proud that our comprehensive solutions have been earmarked as part of ViaCarte’s consolidated solution offerings going forward.”   

According to Black Fog, the financial sector is subject to 300-times more cybersecurity attacks than other industries, and suffers the highest cost-per-business for cybercrime at $18.3 million. Meanwhile Forbes, via betanews.com, contends that “in 93 percent of cases, an external attacker can breach an organization’s network perimeter and gain access to local network resources.”

As part of the partnership, ViaCarte will deploy a white-labelled version of Digimune’s custom cybersecurity services for enterprises, rebranded Identicate, and roll it out across its network of financial services platforms. 

This will allow ViaCarte to offer its clients comprehensive digital asset monitoring, using Digimune’s cloud-based digital asset monitoring service, specifically tracking digital banking assets like cryptowallets, credit card accounts, and other personally identifiable information (PII).

“As a partner to some of the largest regional banks, ViaCarte will be able to offer our fully certified and regulated monitoring solution as an embedded product, through their own systems, for large volumes of existing and new customers,” says Campbell-Young. 

“We will then launch similar services with them for both SMEs and individual consumers, including our monitoring and security suite DigiGuard, and our consolidated, globally-vetted legal services and loss of funds insurance solution, DigiCare.”  

For individuals, this means comprehensive protection for online loss or theft of funds, with Digimune providing all the relevant projection mechanisms, monitoring, and, in the event of loss, insurance and fund recovery solutions. For SMEs, a similar suite of services will actively detect if key digital business assets have been breached or leaked onto the dark web, along with the monitoring, protection and legal support services they can use should they need legal assistance, in the case of a loss of funds or insurance claim for example.

Campbell-Young says the process of integrating advanced cybersecurity control solutions, including any number of a-la-carte or bundled Digimune services, is technically straightforward for any financial institution.

“Everything we build and sell is exposed via APIs, and as such can be integrated with any back-end system and activated on third-party platforms,” he says. “Companies can choose as few or as many of our services as they want to offer their own customers, using their own branding, and the solutions are essentially seamless to the end user.”