French mobile technology specialist Crosscall has teamed up with South African telecoms provider Dellou Solutions to migrate fixed-line telecommunications to mobile phone for PABX, enabling companies to manage costs as well as streamline and improve communications, all while protecting their information. The offering is powered by the MTN network.

“It’s a new era in communication. Mobility is here to stay, and it’s changing the way we connect in business,” says Julien Fouriot, Crosscall Director for Africa.

A mobilised solution for a mobilised workforce

Dellou Solutions’ Absolute Freedom, powered by MTN Business in partnership with Crosscall, is a feature premise-based PBX replacement solution with full convergence to provide PBX features on mobile devices. It provides all the functionality of a fully redundant, hosted environment, built and integrated into the mobile GSM network on Crosscall state-of-the-art IP 68 and IP 69 handsets.

Louis Fourie, Director of Dellou Solutions, says: “Absolute Freedom removes all the complications from the enterprise, allowing them to manage their day-to-day fixed and mobile communications requirements in a simple, co-ordinated and cost-effective manner.”

The mobile PBX manages phone calls and directs them to the fixed or mobile extensions. Mobile lines can be called directly and incoming calls are received from the PBX. In addition, mobiles can transfer and divert calls, and much more.

“Most businesses are switching to wireless phones and 49% of their employees have substituted their landline phones entirely with wireless devices. This is the future of business communication,” Fourie says.

Statistics indicate that:

·         94% of all employees own a mobile phone.

·         70% of employees keep their mobile devices within eye contact at work.

·         91% of employees make use of at least one mobile application.

·         91% of employees use their personal downtime to check their phones.

With the Absolute Freedom solution, incoming calls are connected through the MTN network, so there’s no need for LTE data, apps or VoIP. When a customer calls into the company, reception answers the call and transfers it to the required mobile extension. As an added value, internal calls between extensions are free.

For a transparent, tailored monthly fee, companies benefit from a single landline business number, the ability to use PABX features for mobile phones and the flexibility of staff being able to answer business calls from anywhere. There is no need for cabled desk phones or LAN equipment, and the call spend can be managed using detailed reports which are directly accessible to the client.

The Dellou Solutions package integrates fully with Crosscall’s world-class rugged smartphones, which are tailormade for companies and rugged enough for hard-wearing industries, while the Core range of mobile phones are designed specifically for modern, mobile organisations.

As mobile PABX systems are used intensively every day by customers, the Crosscall phones are well adapted in terms of robustness and battery life, offering a minimum of one full day of autonomy.

“With this solution, companies can go where their business takes them, and take their business line anywhere,” Fouriot says.

“At Dellou Solutions, our belief in this product is based on a service that substitutes fixed-line copper cables with a wireless, GSM-based solution for corporate telephony, and we have proved that GSM is the perfect substitute for copper cables in delivering corporate PABX telephony solutions,” Fourie says. “We believe that this partnership with Crosscall brings the credibility we need to aggressively grow this market segment.”