By Rami Osman, Director for Corporate Sales and Marketing, MediaTek Middle East and Africa

The fifth generation of mobile network technology, or 5G, is gaining traction around the world. For Africa, it represents an exciting opportunity to leapfrog legacy technology and plug into a world of fast and ever-present mobile broadband. 5G builds on the already transformative effect of 4G/LTE, which has helped bring fast internet to many underserved parts of the continent.

Network operators across the continent have ambitious rollout plans. But for their investments to move the needle in connecting the continent, 5G-ready smartphones need to be available for everyone. This is where innovation by chipset companies and smartphone makers has a vital role to play. By getting 5G devices into consumers’ hands, they can enable everyone to participate in the digital economy.

At MediaTek, we want to ensure that we enable OEMs to bring advanced next-generation technologies to reach every segment of society on an accelerated timeframe. This isn’t just a matter of enabling everyone to enjoy a crisp 4K experience when streaming Showmax or lag-free mobile gaming wherever they are. It is about clearing the way for people around the world to take advantage of the educational, economic, and social benefits of a fast and reliable internet connection.

Fast connectivity is the enabler for next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, which could be key to Africa’s digital future.

Mobile gaming takes a leap

Another area where we are innovating is mobile gaming, which is evolving at a speed never imagined before. Our chipsets add a wealth of new features to speed up game load times, create reliable and low-latency connections, improve visual performance, maximise battery life, and improve the responsiveness of the touchscreen interface.

The MediaTek HyperEngine Gaming Technology makes the gaming experience more fluid and responsive. Gamers benefit from low-latency 5G and Wi-Fi connections with intelligent multi-network balancing; attuned resource management that boosts and sustains frames per second; optimised battery life; and new AI-based imaging enhancements.

For years, we have been laying the groundwork for mass adoption of 5G. We have focused not only on creating chipsets that offer incredible cameras, advanced processors with integrated 5G for everyone. For more demanding users,  the Dimensity 9000+ is our fastest ever 5G smartphone chip for flagship phones.

We are focusing heavily on making 5G available and accessible to everyone with our Dimensity family of integrated 5G chipsets. The Dimensity system on a chip, or SOC, is one of the core components of a 5G smartphone. It integrates 5G speeds, cutting-edge gaming technologies, and professional grade imaging and videography.

Despite the rapid advances 5G is making, we also recognize that 4G/LTE has an important role to play in Africa. We’re working with handset manufacturers and operators to drive higher uptake of 4G in areas where adoption is lagging. This will help bring millions of people who are still dependent on 3G networks and devices into the age of fast, ubiquitous internet.

The chipset sector has made great strides towards democratizing technology with solutions for powerful, affordable devices with no compromises. Yet, our work is far from complete. We are constantly working to improve power efficiency, performance, multimedia, connectivity speed, and other usability aspects in our chipsets.