Digital signage is no longer a simple extension of a printed poster – it’s a dynamic way to bring your business into the digital era and create a public perception that you are on the cutting edge of technology. Displays capture products in a visually exciting way and provide a touchpoint for you to engage with consumers like never before.

Across industries, digital signage is leaving its mark, especially in the Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) sector. The retail industry is known for its swift, fast, and flexible nature. One moment items are in stock, but the next, they’re sold out, leaving customers feeling deflated and disappointed. Here are a few reasons you should invest in digital signage both as a powerful marketing tool and as a way to boost customer satisfaction.

Personalise the customer’s experience

Digital signage helps simplify the ordering process by clearly displaying when items are out of stock, how long it will take for customers to receive their order, and by alerting customers to unforeseen mishaps – like an out-of-service ice cream machine. These displays offer customers the chance to interact with the boards. At the same time, they make their decisions based on food availability or consider new menu options on the go.

A breakthrough personalisation trend to keep an eye out for this year is license plate recognition. The system recognises a previously seen license plate and will either suggest the same order the customer ordered before, or offer alternatives based on the data. It’s a simple way to provide up-to-date personalisation.  

Display menu options more effectively

Digital displays simplify the way your customers place their orders. They no longer have to sit in long queues to reach the staff member at the drive-through window before asking which sauces the burger comes with, what the nutritional value of the wrap is, etc. Now, businesses can be upfront with their offerings, including meal ingredients and the latest specials.

In the past, it would take longer to introduce customers to new food items. In contrast, today, it’s easier to update menu content digitally and remotely. Additionally, providing additional information becomes possible, enabling people with allergies or dietary preferences to know exactly which foods to avoid before placing an order.

Investing in quality and convenience

South Africa has some of the best weather. However, there are still a few scorching summer days and violent thunderstorms. This places extra responsibility on QSR business owners to invest in menu displays that can withstand any weather.

A quality display with a slim and robust design like the LG  XE4F can display brilliantly and clearly during any environmental condition. And by adding more LED units, XE4F operates brighter at a lower temperature, lasting longer than conventional products. As a bonus, it’s easy to install to meet your customers’ needs, even if the location seems a little complex. For example, you might want to install a display at the entrance of your store to limit queues or on a slanted wall to use your advertising space more effectively. 

LG also offers a Super Sign QSR series that delivers high-luminance displays and smart platforms that provide added convenience with features like voice recognition software and mobile app solutions. Paired with LG Connected Care, it allows you to engage in real-time monitoring, which makes remote failure response possible, lowers TCO, and provides distinct experiences to customers.

All QSR customers want is added convenience. LG is pioneering the digital signage industry and has released many displays to bring greater convenience to your customers. For more on LG’s QSR display options, visit.