Loadshedding has become something we have to live with for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, during loadshedding, customers have limited network access which may result in them not being able to connect or consume their content.

Now Cell C has introduced what it believes to be an industry first solution to help its customers claim some of the data they may have lost during loadshedding. Cell C customers can choose when to claim their free data at a time that is convenient to them.

The free data includes social or streaming data that can be claimed within three days from date of purchase of a Cell C data bundle. The free bundles can be claimed 24/7 even when loadshedding is suspended.

“At Cell C, we are always looking for solutions to help address current and new challenges that our customers face,” says Douglas Craigie-Stevenson, CEO of Cell C. “Loadshedding has been one of those challenges which South Africans have learned to adapt to. We have developed an industry-first that gives our customers the peace of mind that even when their service is interrupted, they can reconnect at no additional cost.

“This will go a long way to support our already constrained customers – especially those that purchase daily validity data bundles. We will continue to look for innovative solutions to change the world of our customers.”

The Cell C loadshedding offers are free to customers who make purchases from 150MB across qualifying bundles and can be claimed on *147#. They are not available for purchase and are available to prepaid customers only.