FNB is urging customers to use trustworthy and secure merchants for online shopping, to avoid being defrauded by merchant fraudsters

FNB Card chief executive Chris Labuschagne said that in recent months, the bank had seen a rise in a new fraud modus operandi targeting unsuspecting online shoppers.

“The latest modus operandi involves methods such as ‘enumeration’ and ‘account testing’, where online merchant fraudsters use automated scripts or software to attempt transactions or payments. Consumers need to maintain high-levels of awareness as fraudsters regularly evolve their methods,’ Labuschagne said.

FNB Card, head of fraud, Trish Ramdhani, said, “To help minimise the risk of fraud, we recommend that consumers use trusted websites for online shopping. Consumers can identify the security of a website through ‘https’ or the padlock icon on the Uniform Resource Locator (URL)”.

  • Do not click on links in emails or third party websites when shopping online, rather type in the website address yourself.
  • Never disclose personal information such as passwords and PINs to anyone.
  • The bank will never ask you to process a transaction in order to reverse fraud.
  • The bank will never ask you for your OTP or confidential information such as your banking password.
  • Check your bank statement regularly and thoroughly for any unauthorised transactions/withdrawals.
  • Use up-to-date software to perform regular anti-virus and malware scans on your personal devices.
  • Never send e-mails that contain your account number, card number and expiry date.
  • Use a secure connection and avoid public wi-fi
  • Enter card details only when finalising the purchase.


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